طابعات الأكشاك

تم تصميم مجموعة بيكسولون من ميكانيكيات طباعة كشك الايصالات ذات الإطارين والجيل التالي بأحجام 2 و3 بوصات تم تصميمها لتركيب أكشاك الخدمة الذاتية المستقلة لمجموعة متنوعة من التطبيقات. كما تعد آليات الأكشاك المدمجة ومنخفضة الحجم والموثوقة للغاية مع خيارات تثبيت مرنة مثل الحواف والعروض، حيث تعد الحل المثالي لإنشاء نظام أكشاك مميز حقًا.

طابعات الأكشاك

جهاز التحريك الآلي للورق

طابعة لوحية

ملحقات SMPS

  • SMPS 2 دبوس

    2دبوس نوع موصل SMPS

  • SMPS (DC Jack)

    DC Jack من نوع SMPS


  • كابل تسلسلي (5 دبوس إلى تسلسلي)

    موصل 5P لكابل تسلسلي D-SUB 9P (M) ، 1.5 متر

  • كابل تسلسلي

    D-SUB 9P (M) - كابل تسلسلي D-SUB 9P (M) ، 1.5 متر


  • كبل USB للطابعات الملصقات

    كابل USB A إلى B 1.8m

Streamlining Food Safety with Automated Labelling Systems

Navigating food prep labelling has historically posed a silent challenge for food service operators. These seemingly straightforward tasks carry the potential for significant repercussions, posing a threat to both customers and businesses alike. The simplicity of the process should not be overlooked and neither should the benefits of exploring automated labelling systems. The challenges faced by ...


Print with Purpose: Embracing Sustainability in Printing

In a world where businesses are increasingly committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies, the pressure on IT teams to enhance sustainability credentials has never been greater. A key focus is the reduction of paper consumption, yet in many industries, the complete elimination of paper remains impractical due to both practical and regulatory reasons. From retail to hospitali...


BIXOLON Introduce the New BK5-31 3-inch Kiosk Printer

Highly Dependable and Durable Kiosk Printer for the Ticketing and Labelling Industries

Ltd., a leading global Mobile, Label, and POS
Printer manufacturer, announced the launch of a NEW BK5-31 3-inch (80 mm)
thermal kiosk printer for printing tickets and labels. Supporting media thickness up to 0.20 mm and selectable
media widths of 83 / 80...


Season's Greetings!

To our valuable customers and partners, 2023 has been another year full of significant achievements for BIXOLON with a number of product launches, events, and activities.Thank you for being a part of our journey, as always, we wish you a warm and memorable holiday season. May your New Year be filled with success, good health, and joy.


Mobile Printing for Enhanced Utility Operations

Field services such as
electricians, plumbers, and other utility technicians can benefit from
utilizing mobile printers to enhance their day-to-day business dealings.
Mobile printers allow utility
companies and other businesses that monitor and bill for metered services to
bring printing everywhere their crew goes.
For example, when visiting