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Season's Greetings!

To our valuable customers and partners, 2023 has been another year full of significant achievements for BIXOLON with a number of product launches, events, and activities.Thank you for being a part of our journey, as always, we wish you a warm and memorable holiday season. May your New Year be filled with success, good health, and joy.


BIXOLON Displays its Printing Solutions for the Cannabis Market at MJBizCon 2023

BIXOLON, a leading global Mobile, Label and POS printer manufacturer, will showcase its range of leading printing solutions at the MJBizCon Show, November 28-December 1 in Las Vegas, NV. BIXOLON’s booth (#5128) will showcase its wide range of printing solutions suitable for the cannabis market including: - Label Printers • SLP-DX220 2-inch (60 mm) compact Direct Thermal Label and Barcode Printer...


Erwin Müller improves e-commerce shipping with linerless labelling printers from BIXOLON

BIXOLON Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of BIXOLON, the global
manufacturer of advanced receipt, label and mobile printers, has partnered with
the mail order and e-commerce retailer, Erwin
Müller Versandhaus, to
provide linerless labelling printers that improve operational efficiency and
sustainability efforts during order fulfilment. The mail order, e-commerce home المزيد

RFID Labelling for Healthcare Delivery

RFID labels empower healthcare professionals with critical details to ensure precise and timely information to make life-changing decisions. Labels are an important communicator at the patient level to provide information such as drug name, dosage, expiration date and more. However, labels also play an important role throughout the supply chain to ensure the safe arrival of healthcare shipments....


The Role of RFID Labelling in the Retail Shopping Experience

In the ever-changing world of retail, staying ahead of the curve to meet consumer demands is essential to remaining competitive. With many new technologies on the market today, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) labelling has emerged as a game-changer transforming the way retailers manage their inventory, streamline business operations, and even enhancing their customer experiences. In this b...